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Mapping Solutions for Your Business Needs

Cemetery mapping 

We truly care about cultural legacy, and want the best for your cemetery. Let us help you preserve your maps and migrate your legacy records into an interactive mapping and record keeping system that is easy to learn and fun to use. 

ArcGIS Solution Implementation

Make the most out of your GIS investment with an ArcGIS solutions implementation. Whether you're updating your spatial infrastructures or building a new one, we'll work collaboratively with your team to get the project done on time, and within budget. 

Document scanning

Preserve your important documents and maps for posterity. Our state-of-the-art mobile document scanner converts your paper documents into digital files, ensuring their longevity and accessibility for years to come. 


We believe that maps are both beautiful and functional. We create maps that can communicate complex information in an engaging way. Whether you need a map for your business, research or personal use, we can provide you with a custom solution that meets your specific needs.

Spatial Ancestry

Creative, engaging, and useful family history mapping applications that help you organize your research, and visualize where historical events took place in the lives of your ancestors. Make a meaningful connection to your ancestry and a lasting impact for your family with a collaborative Lineage Mapper™ application

Field surveying and mapping

We utilize high-accuracy Eos® GNSS receivers to capture spatial data in the field. 

Drone Survey

We offer drone surveying and mapping services as well as production of lidar derivatives. Whether you're building a 3D model of your city, preserving historical architecture, or need to locate objects on the ground quickly and accurately, we've got you covered. 

Ground Penetrating Radar

Uncover subsurface secrets with our Ground Penetrating Radar Services. We partner with licensed experts to perform GPR surveys at cemeteries. Know what's there, even if you don't have record of it. Plan and budget for future burials. 


Our digital mapping service is not just about maps, it’s about storytelling. We specialize in providing a unique experience for your audience with our Story Maps service. Our maps are designed with artistic innovation in mind, to engage your viewers like never before. Using data visualization and modern technology, we provide an experience that makes a lasting impression.

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