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Cemetery Operations

Spatial Agency provides innovative solutions for cemetery management and historical preservation. We understand the unique challenges faced by cemetery managers, from maintaining burial records to ensuring a pleasant visiting experience. Our team is dedicated to helping you overcome these challenges. With our flexible mapping and records management systems you can ensure the posterity of your historical records, efficiently perform sales transactions, maintain burial records, and provide exceptional service to your community. Discover how Spatial Agency can help you preserve your legacy records and streamline operations today.

Our Services

Streamlined process to implementation

The best results come from highly collaborative and iterative project design. We work with our clients to fully understand their problems and make recommendations based on the resources they have available. We have several service options to choose from to match your specific requirements. 


Project Discovery

During this phase we learn all about your challenges, your desired outcomes, and what materials and resources you have. We will ask if you have any existing maps, if those maps are representative of what's on the ground today, if you want any field surveys done, and what your existing records management system looks like now. We'll make recommendations with this information.


Process Review

During this phase we introduce our suggested process and solutions. We'll show you different examples of cemetery layout and web application design options. We will begin building the cemetery layout and stay in contact with you throughout to ensure your new digital cemetery representation looks the way you want it to. 


Field Survey

If a field survey is desired or necessary, our survey crew will come out to your cemetery and efficiently collect GPS headstone points. We use advanced technologies to provide you with the most accurate data possible. Our team is equipped with the latest equipment to ensure that your survey is completed to the highest standards. 


Application Development

Modernize your record keeping workflows by bringing your burial and ownership inventory into a geospatial system. Our applications make it easy to inventory gravesites, monitor cemetery operations, and share gravesite and burial information with the public. Whether you're looking for a better way to manage your records, or share your cemetery's unique history with the public, we can help.  

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Preserve Historical Maps

Cartographic design services to preserve your existing maps or design new ones.

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Explore a working application

Get started with a quick estimate

Use the fielding questions survey to give us some quick information about your cemetery. We'll follow up with an estimate and we can go from there!

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