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Cemetery Operations

Spatial Agency provides innovative mapping solutions for cemetery management, marketing, and community engagement. We build the tools cemeteries need to be successful and provide ongoing support because we understand the struggles cemeteries face - from generating revenue on a finite inventory to maintaining cemetery landscapes, monuments, and community heritage. It's a big task. That's why we offer mapping and marketing support. With our innovative services you can drive stakeholder engagement, ensure the posterity of your historical records,  and provide exceptional service to your community.


Fully customizable, innovative cemetery management

Full Suite GIS

Website Design


Stakeholder engagement and collaboration

Digital Asset Inventory

Licensed surveyors

Our Services

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Streamlined process to implementation

The best results come from highly collaborative and iterative project design. We work with our clients to fully understand their problems and make recommendations based on the resources they have available. We have several service options to choose from to match your specific requirements. 


Project Discovery

During this phase we learn all about your challenges, your desired outcomes, and what we can do to help solve your problems with the materials and resources we can collectively bring to the table. We will ask about any existing maps and records, your existing records management system, and if you desire a partner to help you navigate marketing. We'll make recommendations with this information.


Process Review

During this phase we introduce our suggested process and solutions. We'll go through different scenarios for solutions implementation, financing options, cost savings mechanisms, revenue generating ideas. You will decide which solutions and services you want and we will draft the proposal for your review. 


Field Survey, Cemetery Mapping

Digital cemetery maps are built with a combination of existing records and GPS/Aerial/GPR/Lidar survey to verify up-to-date locations of gravesites and headstones. The type of survey you choose is dependent on the applications you want developed. Our survey crew will come out to your cemetery and efficiently collect data and verify map accuracy.


Application Development

During this phase we're building the mapping applications and website you want. These are the tools you will use to be successful in your business operations. Collect donor information, run campaigns, become relevant and engaged in your community, share your mission and your history. Web presence is necessary in today's society and should be leveraged to your advantage, intelligently, and thoughtfully. 

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Use the fielding questions survey to give us some quick information about your cemetery. We'll follow up with an estimate and we can go from there!

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