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Census Mapper

In order to preserve our history, and engage a younger audience to the cause, we must bring historical context into modern systems. That's why we're launching the Census Mapper project.


Together with local volunteers as passionate about history as we are, we're building a system that allows people to visualize the historical census in a way never seen before.

With historical maps linked to historical people! If you want to see where an ancestor lived, or you want to be a part of building your community's cultural assets, check this out.

1909 Iowa Waterloo Ward Map.jpg

The Census Mapper Team

This project is proudly brought to you by these wonderful ladies who took a chance and thought mapping historical census data was a fun idea! They are the first to offer their time and consideration for this project and I am so grateful to them. Thank you Cheryl, Diane, and Mary!

Together, we are building something special that our community can use to explore our local history and the people who helped build it. 
Local history is a BIG part of the broader field of Spatial Humanities. We're doing our part to use technology, mapping systems and web design to communicate the value of our historical assets and culture. We would love for you to join us in this mission. Click the button below to learn more about this effort.

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